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Why Choose netProphet?

netProphet has increased client’s search visitation by as much as 3000% in less than 6 months! That was accomplished with the largest promotional products consortium on Earth. After raising Tamarack Homes’ search visitation from 2400 visits/month to 24,000, their ad agency hired netProphet’s founder, Jeff Cyr to perform SEO for their largest clients. From Tamarack Homes to Telesat, netProphet’s web optimization has rocketed them all into the search stratosphere!

Telesat chose netProphet to launch their SEO after being referred by a delighted client, another major Ottawa ad agency. After all, they were told, Jeff had been amazing his clients with his SEO wizardry since 3 BG (Before Google)! While working for dozens of agency clients, Jeff developed his pro-rated keywords business model. Guaranteeing search engine placement before getting paid has set Jeff and netProphet apart from other SEO firms. When all is said and done, businesses large and small share the desire to move forward with no risk.

Imagine if your company’s or organization’s website became results on critical first results pages of Google and other search engines!

netProphet has been performing search engine marketing (advertising on engine and the web) around our SEO results since the day Google started selling text ad placement. A company’s SEO firm is best suited to place ads economically as they know what a company wins organically and what are the next priorities to promote.

Of late Jeff is delighting his clients with his local SEO, where 90 percent of his promised key phrases put his clients on the map, let alone the first page. His latest SEM offerings for clients are custom video ads on YouTube and other platforms that usually perform at above 50% engagement rates, that is exceptional in a skippable format.

Harness the 800 lb. gorilla to promote your company or organization, engage netProphet Internet Marketing Ottawa and move forward risk free!


To get Mind Share you need to get into your company’s or organization’s potential clients’ or customers’ minds. The most economically viable ways to do that do not involve television anymore, they are all utilizing computers and mobile devices.

Digital marketing overtook television advertising for the first time in 2016 — and brands will continue to invest money in digital formats. By the year 2021, TV ad spend will make up less than a third of all marketing budgets. Digital, on the other hand, will account for over half of ad budgets.
— Source Knowledge

After surveying 120 U.S. ad agencies, BrightRoll says client interest in video ads has grown 88.6 percent during the last three years. According to a new survey from BrightRoll, 72 percent of ad agencies say online video advertising is as effective, if not more effective, than television.
— Martech

Corporate interest in video ads has grown 88.6 percent during the last three years according to a new survey from BrightRoll. After surveying 120 U.S. ad agencies they also found 72 percent of ad agencies say online video advertising is as effective, if not more effective, than television.

Digital media is cheaper. The cost difference between TV advertising and digital marketing methods is tremendous. A 30-second TV ad — which may or may not reach your ideal audience — will cost you over one-third of a million dollars … plus setup costs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

netProphet innovated the popular no risk, pro-rated keywords business model with dozens of clients…

Website Development

Developing your website with critical SEO
techniques in mind saves
time and money…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

One can search for something on Google and then see pertinent ads within minutes…

Photography & Video

Facebook’s own stats have determined that a post is 82% more likely to be shared if it is a video post…

Social Media Management

netProphet helps you connect with your prospects in the places where they gather online…

Branding & Graphic Design

To promote a brand is to tell a story. Graphic design is an integral touch point in your brand’s story…


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Some of the Companies that Chose netProphet

Success Stories

“Amazing work, Jeff took Tamarack Homes from 2400 organic search visitations/month to 24,000/month in under six months!”

Chris Taggart, President, Tamarack Developments

“It’s quite simple: Jeff Cyr is a digital beast. When it comes to helping small business and retail clients improve their return on digital marketing spending, Jeff has few peers. Hiring Jeff will give you an unfair advantage when it comes to being seen online, and that’s a very good thing. “

Greg MacDonald, Creative Director, Carleton University Communications

“Incredible, Jeff has doubled my bottom line within two months!”

Mike Shudlik, President, Printwell


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